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Resources, training, and consulting


Ready-made and custom songs, stories, dances, and activities based on Western Cape culture and languages.

Staff Training and Coaching

Cultural awareness training, on-country experiences, and digital training materials.

Cultural Consulting Services

Reconciliation action plans, cultural integration strategies, and student and community engagement strategies.

Digital cultural resources to suit professionals and families

We are 100% Aboriginal owned and operated in one of the most remote places in Australia.

We create cultural opportunities for those who need it most through sharing culture, encouraging connection to country & facilitating reconciliation.

We work with cultural experts and elders in the Western Cape to create songs, books, flash cards, activities, and posters that optimize learning opportunities about Aboriginal culture. Resources can be purchased individually or as part of a 12-month learning program and are suitable for educational institutions, homeschoolers, or families!

We also offer targeted training and consulting services to work with individual institutions to develop a customized approach to training staff and integrating Western Cape culture into the curriculum.

Our Connection to country

We have a lineage connection to the Alngith, Mbaiwum, Liningthi, and Wik Apalech nations that can be traced back as far as 9 generations but extends much further than that. 

We are founded by mother and daughter team, Fiona Wirrer-George (Oochunyung) and Sheridan Doyle (Nyrlotte). 

Fiona is the last fluent Alngith speaker and is a cultural methodologist with a bachelors and masters degree in education and school guidance and counselling. Fiona also has her PhD in philosophy focusing on Indigenous methodologies. 

Sheridan has a background in projects and policy and is self taught in graphic design, website design and development, photography, and creative practices. She has a particular interest in economic development and the role it plays in achieving lasting social outcomes. Sheridan currently works with a number of elders to capture cultural information relating to food, medicine, other plant uses, legends/myths, and spirituality. 

In 2001 the matriarch of our family – the late Jean George (Awumpan) signed the WCCCA agreement for both the north (Alngith) and the south (Liningithi & Wik-Way) of the Embley river. 

In 2023, we signed the Weipa Peninsular Peoples native title determination as Alngith descendants and our founder (Sheridan Doyle) currently represents the Alngith clan group on the board.

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