We are a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated company based in Weipa – one of the most remote places in Australia. We work with our extended family and community to create meaningful resources aimed at sharing culture, fostering relationships, and facilitating reconciliation. 

We draw on knowledge from elders, cultural experts, and local Aboriginal professionals and academics to create high-quality and carefully developed songs, stories, posters, activities, dances, digital resources/tools, training materials, and strategies. 

We are based in the beautiful town of Weipa in Western Cape York. We work with families from the communities of Napranum and Aurukun to offer ready-made and tailored resources depending on your needs! 


Whilst our primary focus is the Western Cape – we can work with organisations all over Australia. Reach out to find out how we can work together.

Our Services

Articles & Digital Resources



Coming soon! Access all of our digital resources, plants database, language pronunciation, and protocols guide in one place.

$9.95 per month

Ready Made Resources

Physical resources $12.95 – $35.95

Digital resources starting at $6.95 – $19.95

Custom Made Resources

Packages starting at $2,500

We work with staff, students, and traditional owners from all regions to capture relevant cultural knowledges and adapt them to activities, books, digital content, and visual resources.

Cultural Awareness Training

  • Half day: $2,500
  • Full day $5,000
We offer two cultural awareness training packages. The first is specific to the Western Cape and covers culture, kinship, society, and history. The second is a general cultural awareness package that covers cultural awareness in practice and relates the relevant topics to likely scenarios to provide insights and advice on how to integrate respectful and practical policies, practices, and behaviours into the workforce. 

Digital Resource Development

This package includes the development of a customized web application including the integration of a place-based cultural integration strategy, access to cultural resources, and training materials including the proper pronunciation of words and relevant cultural protocols. 


On-country Experiences & Cultural Workshops

This package includes bush walks, medicinal plants, weaving, feather flowers, and spear making.

  • Private groups: starting at $2,500
  • Groups of 10-20 $5,000
  • Groups of 20+ $7,000

Custom Artwork

Starting at $800

Comprehensive Cultural Integration Package

This package includes research, reconciliation action planning, strategic planning, cultural integration strategies, provision of resources, development of resources, professional development training, cultural coaching, workshop facilitation, and the development of a web application. 

Packages starts at $30,000

Community is full of highly talented and skilled people willing to share their knowledges and expertise! 

If you are looking for something not listed above – please reach out! We are more than happy to point you in the right direction if necessary. 

Meet the team!

We combine expertise in research, policy, and Indigenous methodologies with on-the-ground lived experience in remote Aboriginal communities. Through our skills and knowledge base, we integrate subtle cultural and social nuances into our broader work including resource development, research, strategy development, reconciliation action plans, community engagement, employee support, and more. 


Dr. Fiona Wirrer-George

Founder & Cultural Methodologist


Sheridan Doyle

Founder & Principal Consultant

Barbara Bandicootcha

Cultural Expert & Facilitator

Kathleen Adidi

Cultural Expert & Facilitator

Justice Mango

Artist & Facilitator

Willy-Roy & Marissa

Cultural Expert & Facilitator

Our Founders

Fiona is a director and principal consultant to Arnya Pulway. She is a decendant of the Alngith, Wik & Wik-Way, and Mbaiwum nations of Western Cape York through her mother’s lineage and currently resides in her traditional homelands in Weipa. Fiona is a first-nations methodologist and researcher focusing on reconciliation, integrating cultural systems, and culturally based methods of healing and capacity building. She was the recipient of the prestigious Indigenous Research Training Program Stipend (RTPSI) for her PhD research topic – A Living Epistemology, which was completed in 2022 through the James Cook University in Cairns . She has a background in education and the creative industries and has developed a number of frameworks and programs that merge creative expression as a mode of voice for healing and progress. Her qualifications include;

Bachelor of Education, S1 Graduate (James Cook University);
Master in Education, Major in School Guidance and Counselling (Queensland University of Technology);
Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology (James Cook University) and;
PhD in Philosophy (James Cook University)
Fiona has over 50 years of lived experience of Western Cape culture and social systems and is one of the last remaining carriers of the Alngith and Liningithi language, culture, legends, and stories. She is the first Western Cape (Wik, Alngith, and Mbaiwum) person to graduate with an academic PhD and merge local culture with academia from a traditional owner perspective. She has over 30 years of literature experience and has authored five publications, including Whispers of this Wik Woman, which won the prestigious David Unaipon award in 2004.

  • Doyle, F. (2004). Whispers of this Wik woman. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press.
  • Doyle, F. (2006). On country: Stories of Nyrlotte. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press.
  • Wirrer-George Oochunyung, F. (2011). Jindah Murray: Wind dancer. South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
  • Wirrer-George Oochunyung, F. (2012). Double native: A moving memoir about living across two cultures. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press.
  • Wirrer-George Oochunyung, F. (2014). Ebony: Strong heart. Mulgrave: Garratt Publishing.

In addition to her academic work, Fiona has choreographed performances for the Commonwealth Games and the Melbourne and Brisbane Fashion Week. She regularly contributes to panel discussions and has represented Australia in Canada and Europe with her creative and literature works. Notable tours include;

  • Honoring words 2003
    Hosted in Vancouver
    represented Australia in first-nations literature
  • Ars Electronica Festival 2005
    Hosted in Austria
    Artist in residence
    Cultural exchange
  • Talking stick 2005
    North America’s premier first-nations arts and culture festival
    Hosted in Vancouver
    Cultural exchange
  • PhD Research in Canada 2017
    Comparative analyses
    Honorary stipend
    Cultural exchange

Fiona specialises in first-nations methodologies, academic research and framework development and integration. She also offers lectures and course development, education and training, workshop facilitation, public speaking and panels, and cultural and/or creative immersion programs.

Arnya Pulway was established on the foundations built by Dr. Wirrer-George and adapted by her daughter, Sheridan Doyle who is a co-owner, director, and manager to the business. Sheridan is an Alngith, Wik & Wik-Way & Mbaiwum (western Cape York) descendant on her mother’s side and descends from the Iman (central QLD) and Yuggera (Brisbane) nations on her father’s side. She specialises in management, policy development, data collection and analysis, and strategy development and implementation. Sheridan has a partial business degree (majoring in economics), a diploma in family intake and support work and a diploma in tertiary education majoring in business management. She has over a decade of experience ranging from projects to policy development within a remote Aboriginal context and has previously advised on project expansion for Rio Tinto and social policy development for the Cape York Institute. She is 100% self taught in website development and design, graphic design, marketing, and other skills relevant to the business. Sheridan specialises in WordPress web & app development, data conceptualization and presentation, development of tailored internal and external tools, and practical perspectives on implementation of high level frameworks, concepts, and policies, and systems. Arnya Pulway offers a unique and highly specialised combination of skills and knowledge to contribute towards better outcomes for first-nations peoples, the businesses and organisations that support them, and the broader community.