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Next ASM Women’s Circle workshop will be held on March 4th at 10:30AM. Details will be sent after registration.


Arnya Pulway is committed to building relationships, bridging gaps, and sharing information in the spirit of connecting people to self, spirit, community, and country. We offer a number of workshops, each with a different focus, to suit the needs of women, men, children, and businesses. Our workshops provide a safe space for local people to connect, yarn, and learn cultural techniques such as weaving, feather flowers, painting, and movement. We also offer Waiee (children’s) sessions aimed at introducing local Aboriginal culture to young children.

The workshops are led by Dr. Fiona Wirrer-George (Oochunyung) who is a local traditional owner who has connections to the Alngith-Liningithi, Mbaiwum-Trotj, and Wik-Apalech nations. She has a background in education and the creative industries, a bachelor and master’s degree in education (majoring in school guidance and counseling, and a Ph.D. in philosophy (majoring in Indigenous methodologies). Fiona was raised by her grandmother – the late Jean George, who was the last fluent Alngith speaker, and passed on all her language, ceremonial, and cultural knowledge to Fiona as a child and young adult. Workshops are supported by other local traditional owners who specialise in weaving, bush medicine, bush food, and feather flowers.

We also offer cultural awareness and immersion programs which you can learn more about here.

ASM: Women’s Circle

These workshops offer a safe and supportive space for women to connect and heal utilising the Arnya Songline Methodology as developed by Dr. Fiona Wirrer-George. The workshops are facilitated using the ASM which is a healing and well-being framework based on Wik & Alngith-Liningithi LORE systems. The ASM also incorporates various western counseling approaches including person centred and family systems.

The workshops are delivered through five key phases and a total program takes 12 months to complete. It is recommended that workshops are taken as a whole program, however, there is the opportunity to participate in individual workshops or per phase. Each workshop is facilitated through the use of the primary cultural modes of expression, being: weaving, feather flowers, artwork, movement, yarning, fiber-craft, traditional food/medicine preparation, and more.

  • Phase One: Introduction to Spirit 
  • Phase Two: Introduction to Self
  • Phase Three: Listening to Spirit
  • Phase Four: Connecting to Country
  • Phase Five: Energy in Motion
$65 per workshop
$250 per phase (save $10)
$1200 per program (save $100)

Social: Women’s Circle

Offering a casual space for women to connect and yarn. These workshops run for 60 minutes and focus on a number of different cultural practices such as feather flowers, weaving, painting, bushfoods, bush medicine, and country & spirituality.
$45 per workshop (no materials provided)
$65 per workshop (materials provided)

Waiee (Children’s) Circle

These 30-minute sessions create an opportunity for young children to be introduced to culture through song, dance, craft, and storytelling. 

$10 per session

Coming Soon

  • Online ASM sessions
  • Individual ASM sessions
  • General Culture Group (Men & Women)
  • Edible and Medicinal Plants Guided Bush Walk
  • Weaving Workshops (For Women)
  • Feather Flower Workshops (For Women)
  • Men’s Circle
  • Spear Making (For Men)
  • On-country Cultural Experience (For Men 
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Workshop Information

Please note that most sessions are held in the grounds area outside the kumrumja hall. Shade, mats, and water are provided but it is recommended that you bring your own sun protection. We will be seated on the ground so please bring your own folding chair if this will not be possible for you.

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